Voting Now Open!

Eric Kline

For President of ASBSU

"Boise State can be the greatest university in the world, we need to re-invent our student government to help make that happen."

Kelsie Zak

For Vice President of ASBSU

"All of us make up what we call the 'Bronco Family'. I want students to find their 'Why BSU'."

Our campaign stands for student...




Your sense of belonging at Boise State matters. We will raise club participation rates by 10% and make it easier than ever to start new organizations, while raising awareness of resources and funding across campus.

Your safety on campus is paramount. We will implement 20% more lighting to keep you safe, expand existing ride pickup programs, give opportunities to meet campus safety officers, and work with BPD to make Boise State safer.

Your representation in student government is non-negotiable. By prioritizing better support for sitting reps and expanding access to senate and assembly through a more effective election process, we will improve ASBSU for all students.